Sunday, August 14, 2011

Erte Fashion

I took a step back in time to complete my spread in Dee's "Victorian Era" book this round. I have always admired Erte, the art deco fashion designer. Over the past five years, I have managed to find an Erte calendar and I save the old ones for their fabulous artwork. They come in handy for spreads like this!
I selected four images which I copied onto cardstock and then cut out. I then embellished each figure with nail polish and nail gems! For my background, I had a fabric sample that had a very art deco feel. It was a loose weave and would fray easily if left unfinished. I took some lovely beaded trim (compliments of my sister-in-law) and sewed it to both sides. I took a different fringe trim for the bottom. The figures themselves are attached through the fabric background onto the pages of the book with various brads. Very simple, yet elegant.