Tuesday, March 12, 2019


The snow moon is known for its energies of cleansing, healing the spirit, inner strength and transformation.  Harness the super snow moon’s full potential by performing some simple rituals for healing, hope or transformation.  Light a white or silver candle and visualize the moon’s energy, charge a crystal under the moonlight, or just write out your intentions and burn them.  Don’t forget to take action in real life knowing that your efforts are blessed by your magical intention.
       Super Snow Moon
        February 19, 2019

I was drawn to the word "Intention" after February's Super Snow Moon.  I loved the idea of capturing the energy of the Super Snow Moon for its healing and transformative powers.  

I took the above description of the Super Snow Moon and played with the layout of the text so that it would show through the printed moon image.  I used a little glitter glue to give a little sparkle.  I was hoping the glitter glue would adhere the transparency to the text, but when that didn't happen, I used spray adhesive.  I found that the transparency wanted to warp and curl, so I also had to add a little double stick tape to keep the corners down.

When I got to this point, I really felt that the card needed a little something more, some embellishment.  I played with a number of different ideas, but in the end rejected all of them and just let the words to speak for themselves.