Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Design & Create Art

Stephanie's theme is so broad I really didn't know where to start!  I had the freedom to do a spread that showcased a favorite technique, but I could not decide what I wanted to do.  Then I remembered that I had leftover materials from a spread I had done in another AB.  Rather than let the extra materials go to waste, I decided to recycle them into my pages for Stephanie's book.  My pages are about the reasons why we design and create art.

For the previous AB spread, I had brainstormed to come up with the many things that art is to me.  I had printed these out on 5 different shades of green paper and cut them in the shape of blades of grass.  As I sifted through these leftover cuttings, I enjoyed re-reading the many ways that art impacts us.  What starts as a small idea often grows into something beautiful, something greater. Through my pages, I also wanted to show that even when art is viewed negatively, in the end, art allows us to grow through understanding, tolerance and community.