Sunday, April 22, 2018

Create A Ripple

This month I explored the concept of connectedness--how everything we do has an effect on all around us.  I took my stash of black and white washi tapes and used the bargello technique to make my cards.  I positioned the strips in such a way that suggests each piece is related or connected to its adjacent piece.  Hence the words, "create a ripple."

Friday, April 6, 2018

Iris on Iris

The colors for the color journal swap this month were black & white.  I can't tell you how many ideas I considered and then discarded before making my page.  I think my indecision stemmed from the fact that this is one of my favorite palettes and there were just too many choices and possibilities!

I got to thinking that high contrast back and white images are well-suited for packing tape transfers.  So I chose this close up of one of my favorite fashion icons--Iris Apfel.  One look at those signature eyeglasses and you know who she is.  See top photo.

To create the background for this packing tape transfer, I decided to do a--wait for it--iris fold!  I used the pages from an issue of Vogue for my iris folding.  I chose a small font so the text would not compete with the packing tape image.  See middle photo.

I then overlayed the Iris packing tape transfer onto the iris fold design and added the black and white polka dotted duct tape as a border to finish the page.  See last photo.  Now you know why I call this "Iris on Iris."