Saturday, September 29, 2018


With the recent passing of the Queen of Soul, I decided to create my monthly Mindfulness Card by honoring Aretha Franklin.

I found a high contrast image of Aretha which I ran off on transparency.  I also wanted to use the "Respect" sheet music in my card.  I wasn't quite sure how these elements would all come together to create a 4 x 6 card, but over time--and after considering a few different ideas--I began to feel a 1960's vibe emerging.  After all, this image of Aretha is probably from the 1960's.  

The circle-patterned scrapbook paper really completed the look I was going for.  So instead of trying to incorporate the sheet music onto the front of my card, I used it to complete the back of the card. I found coordinating washi tape to bind all three layers--Aretha, scrapbook paper background and sheet music--together to create my card.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Fun with Pink and Orange

I had fun creating my page for this month's color journal.  When I think of Pat, I think "fun," "playful" and "funky."  It's no wonder her colors are pink and orange!

I don't know why, but the other pages created for Pat's color journal seemed to all feature faces.  I did not intend to include a face in my page for her.  I actually wanted to incorporate Pat's own image into my pages.  To do this, I stalked her on Facebook!

Pat had a number of images that I could picture using in my pages.  I chose this one:

No automatic alt text available.

The first thing I did was to run off this image in black and white.

Next, I took white cardstock and colored it with pink and orange ink pads.  I then copied Pat's black and white image onto the colored cardstock.

Since she had used vintage Japanese newspaper for her background, I took Japanese text pages and colored them with Dylusion sprays in pinks and oranges.

I then cut out tresses of hair from the colorful text pages and re-imagined a new "do" for her image.  Pat usually wears hints of blues and purples in her hair, I gave her  pink and orange highlights for this spread. 

The Pat I know is not that recognizable to me in this image.  The Pat I know wears glasses, so I added glasses and now I see Pat!