Thursday, June 28, 2018

Sacred Geometry

I have wanted to do some string art for one of my mindfulness cards.  Traditionally, string art involves using nails to anchor the string.  In the setting of altered art, I usually use mini brads to anchor my string designs.  When I started exploring the idea of sacred geometry, I found this string art pattern for a chambered nautilus.  Since our mindfulness cards are only 4 x 6, the format is a bit small to use brads in place of the traditional nails for string art. That's when I decided I would just "embroider" the nautilus pattern onto my cards.

Here, I used 140 lb. watercolor paper for my substrate.  I scaled the pattern down to fit the 4 x 6 card and ran it off onto cardstock.  I laid the pattern over my card and used an awl to poke holes into the card.  I then chose gold metallic thread to "sew" my nautilus design.

In the beginning, it took me awhile to figure out the sewing pattern (plus my thread kept getting tangled!)  Once I was familiar with the sequence, the other cards were faster to make.  It still took about two hours to make each card, but the process was quite relaxing.

Friday, June 22, 2018

No Mud, No Lotus

When I saw this color palette of blues and pinks, I thought I would do this pop-up lotus flower.  I painted the background (140 lb. watercolor paper) with cerulean blue acrylic.  For the flower, I used ink pads and an ink blending tool to color sheets of vellum.  I followed this tutorial to make the flower:

I chose this quote from Thich Nhat Hanh which states "No mud, no lotus," and finished the edges by stamping with a mandala stamp.  I can't remember where I got the beaded dragonfly, but it complimented this page, so I put it on a gold cord and will include it when I send my page. 

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Turquoise, Teal and Olive

Another beautiful palette to explore this month!  The colors immediately brought to mind peacock feathers.  I debated whether to use actual peacock feathers in my spread but ultimately decided to use my peacock feather stencil.

I had fun pulling out all of the supplies that I had in these three colors to help me decide how to make my pages.  I had acrylic paints, glitter paints, embroidery floss, Glimmer Sprays, Dylusion Sprays, Distress Inks, glitter glues, Perfect Pearls, markers, gel pens, Inka Gold...dizzying, huh?

Next, I created several swatches to see which products gave me the truest colors.  I liked the look of the Blue Teal Glimmer Spray for the background.  On top of that, I added a light coat of Blue Ice Glimmer Spray for a little more shimmer.

I had not played with my Inka Gold in quite sometime.  In fact, I discovered that a few of my pots had dried out, so while I had them out, I sprayed some distilled water into the pots to moisten them back to a creamy consistency.  I pulled the Turquoise and Greenyellow (which looked more gold than olive green).  Since I did not have the Inka Gold in teal, I used a deep blue glitter paint instead.

When the feathers were done, I added a little bling for embellishment.  I chose this brief quote by Henri Matisse about creativity (probably because the recipient of these pages is a very accomplished artist which sort of intimidated me!)

I also made a peacock feather bookmark to compliment my pages.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Box o' Bliss

This month's Mindfulness cards are playful, tongue-in-cheek.  Although not a traditional mindfulness prompt, "Chocolate" made the list by popular vote.  I knew it was only a matter of time before I would tackle this prompt. 

I admit that I borrowed this idea from a spread I did in an altered book round robin several years ago.  That book's theme was "My Imaginary Vacation."  I envisioned my Imaginary Vacation to involve loads of decadent chocolates and Johnny Depp.

For these chocolate cards, I found an image of a box of chocolate truffles and cut them down to 4x6 size.  Through painstaking trial and error, I created a template for a 3-D looking box to house the truffles.  .

I had already asked my swap partners who their celebrity crushes were, so armed with this information, I scoured the internet for photos of their celebrity crushes.  Now, this is where the fun comes in.  I sized the heads of the various celebrity crushes to fit the chocolate truffles.  Then, I created pull-outs with their heads!

Johnny Depp still remains a celebrity crush of mine, but I had also had to include Pierce Brosnan in my Box o' Bliss!