Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our World to Explore

As we started this second round of inspiration cards, the new prompt, "Our World to Explore," seemed to call to me. The word "explore" made me think of a butterfly. I began with an image of these silver-glittered branches. To create even more dimension, I added irridescent glitter glue and what else? MORE glitter to the branches. The black background makes the branches appear to jump off the page. I finished it by adding a 3-D butterfly encrusted in purple glitter.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Inspiration Card Swap, Round Two

The second round of our Inspiration Card Swap is now underway. For this card, I took this delightful image of a dog reading a book and made copies of it in seven different sizes. The arrangement of the photos reminds me of being in a house of mirrors where your image is reflected ad infinitum, but it also draws your eye into the right bottom corner "pulling you into" a good book. I think Lee, a fellow animal lover, will like this card!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Inspired by Nick Bantock

I finally got my entries for the Nick Bantock Tribute completed. I had been collecting images to incorporate into my collage, but didn't sit down to assemble everything until the day before the deadline! The first piece is a 8" x 8" square format. I used Antique White and Burnt Umber acrylic paint for the background. I added part of a map, an image of the bird and two female figures, postage stamp, a touch of Antique Gold paint, the letter "T" and the number "8." I call it "Navigating the Feminine Mystique."

The second piece is on a 9" x 12" format. Yellow Jaune and Terra Cotta acrylic paint acrylic created a nice, warm background. Again, you see the common elements: a piece of a map, images of animals (a horse and a gryphon), a postage stamp, a touch of gold, the letter "A" and the number "5." I used bubble wrap to create additional texture with Skintone acrylic paint. When the piece was finished, the word that kept coming to mind was "Footprints." The distinct hoof print of the horse, the carbon footprint each of us leaves behind and the faintness of some of the stamped seals reminded me of the way our mark fades with the passage of time.