Tuesday, November 28, 2017


As we work our way through the Mindfulness Prompts each month, I can't believe how many ideas I have!  As an added challenge, I am trying to use a different technique for each month's card.

For this month, I have been experimenting and playing with light modeling paste.  I love how it adds texture and dimension to a piece.  I decided to apply the paste through a stencil (so many choices!)  When I stumbled onto my bamboo stencil, that was it.  I initially associated the bamboo with "strength" and/or "flexibility."  I tried and tried to find the perfect quote to express these characteristics of the bamboo, but none of the quotes I found felt quite right.

When I found this quote about finding wisdom in emptiness, it really spoke to me.  Instead of focusing on the "strength" or "flexibility" of the bamboo, I looked to the hollow of the bamboo to  represent "wisdom."