Friday, July 10, 2015

Bash Bob--The Cheating Husband

With the completion of Anna's "Bash Bob--the Cheating Husband" book, my Dark Side AB RR is now officially over.  Although we were invited (encouraged even) to get as mean as we wanted with this book, I ended up doing something a little softer.

My spread begins with a black heart--broken, damaged and hurt.  The found text reads "A heart once brok-en..."  Open the black heart to reveal a red heart--vibrant, alive and full of love.  The text here reads "can (crossed out) will learn to love again."  So that is my simple message to Anna.  There is hope and light after the darkness.  There is love after the pain, hurt and betrayal.


Thursday, July 9, 2015

Faerie Folk

I have not been arting as much lately and I was feeling a bit rusty as I sat down to work in Sue's "Faerie Folk" book this month.  I went through so many different ideas of what to do for Sue.  She likes dark themes (her instructions say "No Disney please"), so I wanted to feature a nymph or fairy that was more mysterious, haunting.

The other thing I did was to take Sue's name and run it through the Fairy Name Generator.  This is an on-line tool that creates your very own personalized fairy name.  Sue's name was Briar Beamfrost.  I immediately liked the images that this name brought to my mind.

I found this ethereal image of a fairy and knew she would be the perfect Briar Beamfrost!  When I found her, she only had one set of wings.  I had to fix that.  For my spread, I gave her four sets of transparent periwinkle wings!  Can a fairy ever have too many wings?

I chose to copy the image onto vellum before placing it into her book.  I love how the text shows through yet doesn't detract from the image.  My extra sets of wings are also printed and cut out from vellum to create a 3-D effect.  Glitter glue painted onto the vellum wings was the perfect addition.  I think her wings look so real--almost like a dragonfly!