Sunday, February 13, 2011

Exploring the Dark Side of Halloween

I had the privilege of working in Gretchen's Dark Side AB this week. I am not in the RR, but welcomed the opportunity to do a "guest" spread. The theme of her book is the Dark Side of Halloween. I found a factoid about Halloween that immediately caught my attention. It reads:

"Halloween shows some similarities to the Celtic Samhain festival which took place on the eve, October 31st and the day of celebration, November 1st. The Celts believed the veil between this world and the next became blurred at this time of year which marked the transition from summer to winter."

I envisioned a spread using a torn window separating summer and winter. I found a beautiful picture of flower-filled meadows (representing summer) and a cold, dark scene (representing winter). I printed out the factoid onto a transparency and sandwiched it between the two sides of the torn window. I added a piece of gauze which created a "veil" effect. I embellished the summer picture with a product called FlowerSoft which adds dimension and a nice spongy texture in a variety of pretty colors. Finally, I embellished the winter picture with iridescent "snow" (on sale for 90% off after the holidays!)


  1. What a good idea for this book. Was it strange to be working on Halloween with Valentines Day just around the corner?

  2. I like the method used to connect the two sides. it is a wonderful spread.

  3. It must have been interesting doing Halloween in February. I actually scrolled up to see if I had clicked on the wrong date!! You did a great job on this - loved seeing it.

  4. This is a cool idea! Love the gauzy window and the whole "idea" of it!