Friday, March 11, 2011

A Few More of My Fairies

Briar Rainbowdancer

Oak Elfweb

Fidget Reedtree

Buttercup Goblinglitter

The top picture is a 4 x 4 page I created for a fairy child swap. There are 12 of us in the swap. Each of us took a photo of ourselves as a child and made her into a fairy. We were also asked to pick a word to describe our fairy. Our adult photos are on the back of the page. I can't wait to see how everyone else's fairies turned out. The remaining fairies are 5 x 7 cards I created for friends.


  1. So fabulous!! Have you ever seen the book "Fairyality". I know I haven't spelled that right--but it is full of fairies and costumes made from plants.

  2. what did you make Blossoms wings out of?

  3. Hi Monica, the wings on my fairy child are actually from a pre-made white butterfly. The wings are made from a sheer white material with a wire backing which gives support to the wing. There is a design painted on top of the fabric and it is embellished with rhinestones. I cut the wings off and painted them with green glitter glue before attaching them to my fairy child.

  4. These are just stunning. REally love the skirt of the last one!

    If you have time and interest, I'd be honored to have you check out a little project I'm trying to get off the ground! I'd be happy to extend the mailing date if necessary.

  5. I love, love, love the idea of turning yourself as a child into a fairy (and you're adorable, by the way)!