Friday, July 6, 2012

Fears Revisited

A few of us in my Dark Side AB Round Robin wanted to continue for a second round.  I got the opportunity to work in Sue's "Fears" book for a second time.  Since I had recently worked in her book, I wanted to take some time to decide on a fresh approach to this theme. 

I stumbled across a quote I had written down (wish I could remember where I saw it) and wanted to incorporate it into my spread.  It poses the question, "What if your fears and dreams exist in the same place, would you still go there?"   I know I would!  I loved this image of a woman diving in, taking the plunge and it complimented this quote perfectly. 

I used the packing tape transfer technique for my spread.  The clear tape allowed the words of the pages to show through.  As you can see I had a bit of a challenge getting the spacing of the quote just right.  I had to abbreviate some of the words, but the message still comes across.  So would you?    


  1. lorena it is a great spread. Sorry I may not be able to wish you a happy birthday as we are on the road in Colorado and as we are on the trailing end of technology we rely on WIFI RV parks and in Colorado. So great vibes and hugs.
    somewhere high on a mountain in Bueno Vista

  2. Lorena that does not made sense. should read and in Colorado WIFI and RV Parks are few.
    have a happy day and to think i haven't even had a glass of wine.