Thursday, October 4, 2012

Chunkies Go Postal

Our chunkies have gone postal this month!  
The mail art theme certainly makes for some beautiful and colorful pages.  I love seeing stamps from different countries from all over the world.  The postmarks make me wonder what these faraway places must be like.  How long did it take for a piece of mail to travel from its origin to its destination?  
When I was in LA recently, my girlfriend and I happened upon a little thrift shop called "Inheritance."  The store was filled with a lot of old, antique furniture pieces, but it was the glass candy jar in the corner that caught my eye.  It was filled with dozens of old postcards from another era.  And it must have been my lucky day, because many of them were from Hawaii. 
I pawed through the entire collection.  Time stood still as I saw these images from 1930's Hawaii.  There were a few actual postcards that had been sent from Hawaii in 1932 to someone in Illinois.  The store owner had gotten some scrapbooks through one of his customers.  They were filled with postcards that had been collected and saved over the years.  The first scrapbook he dismantled was one with the Hawaii postcards in them. 
For my pages, I constructed a 4 x 4 square envelope.  I used old manila folders to give my pages a vintage feel.  I decorated the fronts of my envelopes with a stamped lace pattern and a faux postmark.  On the back side, I cut out portions of  some leftover postage stamp wrapping paper I had and affixed them to the envelopes.  I added a few more postal marks using additional rubber stamps.  Inside the envelope, I tucked one of the vintage Hawaii postcards.  Aloha from Hawaii!