Monday, December 24, 2012

The Story of Inez

Corinne's book is a family scrapbook of sorts and artists are invited to add to the story of the people already in this family album.  I had a few old photographs and wanted to find a way to incorporate them into Corinne's book.

I was drawn to a photo of a little girl that was already in the book.  I decided she would be Inez at the age of 4.  

Inez, age 4

Since the pocket behind her photo was empty, I decided to create a pocket accordian book to house the other photos I was going to use in my spread and to tell the story of Inez.

Envelope accordian book

Front of envelope accordian book

The first photo in the accordian book is a baby picture (given to me by a friend who found this baby photo at an antique sale).  I imagined Inez an orphan.  
This is believed to be the earliest picture of her.

As Inez grew into a beautiful young lady (this is an old postcard from 1917), she was often found in the company of men.  

As a young lady, she enjoyed the company of men.

As she got older,

a dark side of Inez began to emerge.

This photo is actually a lenticular sticker, so the face changes as you tilt the image.

And by age 30, Inez had gone completely mad.  Here, I sliced up an old photo to show a split personality, a shattered mind. 

By age 30, she slipped into complete madness.

 OK, I admit, the story line I came up with is rather dark, but given the only old photos I had, I thought Inez made for a pretty interesting relative!


  1. Lorena, you always have such an interesting perspective on your art work. This was fascinating!