Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fashion Tips...for Witches!

Sue's Hybrid Chunky theme was a little unusual.  It's a Witches' Handbook.  Tips for how to be a better witch, I suppose--at least that was my interpretation of her theme.

Knowing that she didn't want anything too "Halloweeny" or too "scrapbooky," I started thinking about what a witch should know.  I kept coming back to this idea of "proper witch's attire."  How to dress the part.  Eventually, this idea blossomed into fashion colors that were in season and how to wear them.

I found this gorgeous selection of ribbon trim in purples and lime greens.  I imagined a witch's basic black skirt accented with these bold colors.  At first, I wanted to be able to showcase several different styles, but the format of this chunky page is rather limiting (4" x 4").  Despite my idea to have a meandering book, I just felt it would get way too bulky and cumbersome to fold up all the pages and expect them to stay closed.

I ended up abandoning my idea of displaying more than one fashion style.  I decided to go simple and I am happy with how it turned out.  I used an old scarf as the base for my witch's black skirt.  I then added 6 rows of different trim alternating purple and lime.  I wanted to demonstrate how this season's hottest colors can be mixed and matched and even worn with a witch's signature black and white striped stockings.  I placed black boots on her feet and embellished them with black brads.

My description on the back reads:

Emerald Green is SO last season.
Show off your Wicked Witch’s Wardrobe this fall with the boldest brews of the year!
Passionate purples and luscious limes are casting spells all over the Salem runways.
Mix and match them.
Pair them with your favorite stockings.
The possibilities are endless!
Bring out your Inner Sorceress as you seduce them with your signature style!

Now, THAT's a well-dressed witch!