Monday, February 12, 2018


As the new year got underway, I was talking with a friend about my chosen word for 2018.  She shared with me her word for the year:  Accountable.  

Many people choose different things to help remind them of their word throughout the year.  One idea I liked was creating a bangle with your word stamped onto it.  One year I made a small paperweight that I kept on my desk in my office (where I needed it the most!)  I thought I would make an "accountable" paperweight for my girlfriend, but when I could not find the blank paperweight, I decided to make her an ATC.

Accountable...the word brought to mind ledger paper (which I have plenty of!).  then I thought about using the letters of the words in place of numbers that would normally be found on a ledger.  The numbers in the different columns add up to the bottom line.  For my card, the letters add up to spell the word accountable.

I looked for a quote on accountability, and when I found this quote, I knew that was the one.  I typed the quote and ran it off on vellum.  Since I have an inkjet printer, I needed to spray a fixative on the vellum so it wouldn't smudge.  I adhered the vellum with spray glue.  I just know that my girlfriend will be tickled when she receives this!


  1. I love my accountable card! It is just what I need to help me stay. . . accountable! Such a special, thoughtful gift from a talented artist! Thank you so much Lorena, ma chere amie!

    1. I am so happy that you like it, Maria! I found your word for 2018 very inspiring!