Saturday, July 21, 2018

Speaking of Black Ice...

Since I had already been experimenting with Black Ice, I decided to make my July mindfulness cards using this technique.  Despite repeated tries, I still could not get my stamped images clear and crisp.  They looked blurry and the images were not always evenly stamped, leaving parts of the image lighter in some areas and darker in others.  Yet, the more I studied this stamped image, the more I discovered--sort of like hidden pictures.

Then it hit me.  The images I had created had a dream-like quality.  Images that appear in dreams are not always clear.  Some parts are more vivid than others.  And, the more you analyze your dreams, the clearer they become.  Did you notice the two deer in the foreground?  I didn't at first.  Did you see that she is holding a peach in her outstretched hand.  Me either, but now I see it.

*My black ice piece only measured 4 x 4", so I sandwiched it between two pieces of acetate and secured the corners with eyelets.  

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