Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chris' Imaginary Vacation

Well what a fun theme this was! Chris' book is entitled "My Imaginary Vacation." While others dream of visiting France, Italy and the Mediterranean, my imaginary vacation involves lots of chocolate and Johnny Depp!

I started off with a scrumptuous chocolate truffle background. I decorated some of the truffles with irridescent glitter glue to make them look sugar-coated. Then behind some of the truffles, I created four Johnny Depp pull-outs. I added ribbons and beads to decorate the spine and my work was finished!


  1. You ae too funny! So now we know your darkest secrets!!!!
    It's a great looking page! Wonderful interpretation.

  2. I want to go on this vacation!!!!

  3. What fun you have, Lorena! I like your idea of a vacation!

  4. Now thaT'S MY kind of vacation - both are very yummy! As always, beautiful work, Lorena.