Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sox's Nick Bantock AB

I had the privilege of working in Sox's Nick Bantock AB this month (our Honolulu AB RR). I love Nick Bantock's stuff but never really studied him that closely--until now!

I painted my background in rich, Bantock-like colors. Added some strange images, a few postage stamps and a postcard (aged to perfection). I also had a handmade blank book that was decorated with beautiful, exotic postage stamps that fit perfectly with Sox's theme. I secured it into the center of my spread with a variety of orange fibers and beads. Turns out there are orange hues on the cover of the book, so they matched! For the post card stamp on the right side, I took an inspiration card that Sox recently created and reduced it to the size of a postage stamp!


  1. your entries into the blog are just awesome. You tackle every RR with such enjoyment and talent.
    I hope this makes it I keep filling in passwords and user names and I seem to be in a maze of online webs and tangles!!

  2. Hi! I have become a follower today as i find your blog and entries in your book truly inspirational.
    thanks for sharing
    hugs Julie