Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dreams About Flying

I knew I would make an inspiration card for Su based on the prompt "Dreams About Flying." When I was small, I used to have a recurring black and white dream where I was riding on the back of a man in a spotted "leopard" suit. We would fly through the trees in the forest and also high in the night sky amongst the stars. I found it a bit difficult to find the exact images I had in my head. Eventually I found this photo of black and white trees which reminded me of the forest in my dream. I also liked this image of a flying silhouette (sans the spotted leopard suit). I decided to print both images on transparencies so I could super-impose the silhouette on top of the trees. I put the word "Dream" on the card (black and silver stickers) and then placed the two transparencies on top. The skewed angles of the transparencies simulate the motion of our flight. Finally, I secured the transparencies with eyelets.


  1. Very nice Lorena!! Feels like flying right down that lane.

  2. Oh my goodness -- I just sent you an email about silhouettes and I came to your blog and saw ---- a silhouette!!! Synchronicity indeed. We're definitely on similar paths right now, Lorena. This is lovely.