Saturday, November 20, 2010

Somewhere in Time...

I am working in Jo's "Take Some Time " AB this month. I decided to do a tribute to the 1980 movie called "Somewhere in Time." A man travels back in time where he falls in love with a beautiful woman.

Jo's book is a very colorful children's book--lots of illustrations and poems. I found a nice spread with pictures of birds around the borders and thought it would be perfect to frame the image I found of the lovers in a kiss. (This image of the lovers was actually painted by Jane Seymour, the actress in the movie). I tore the edges of the image and glued it into the middle of the spread. Next, I took an image of an old clock face and printed it onto two sheets of vellum. I overlayed the vellum on top and again, tore the edges. I finished the spread with a thrift shop find--an antique looking clock pin!


  1. That pin is just the perfect touch! It looks great!

  2. Very nice! I look forward to seeing it in person. :o)