Thursday, January 13, 2011


I chose the word prompt "Healing" for this round. Robin had to face an unexpected loss recently and I wanted to send healing thoughts her way with this card.

I began with a vision of a heavy heart. I took a sheet of metallic sticker paper (Mrs. Grossman's) and placed it onto cardstock to give it some body. Then I free-hand cut out a heart shape. I ran the silver heart through a crimper (it was actually little embossed hearts) to add some texture. Rather than just gluing the heart to the card, I decided to make it more 3D by giving the heart a mountain fold in the middle. I secured the bottom part of the heart with eyelets and then fashioned a small mount out of cardstock to give the upper part of the heart some lift off the page.

Though I liked what I had created, the heart took on a more cold and industrial feel--almost reminded me of a steel shield. It needed something else to soften the feel if this was going to convey the message I intended for Robin. I shared my dilemma with Su who wisely suggested I add fiber to soften it up.

A few months ago, Sox had made these fabric rosettes using scrap fabric which she gave to each of us who participated in the Marie Antoinette folder swap. I used Sox's creation as my inspiration for the scrap ribbon rosette I made to soften the heart. It was the perfect touch!


  1. Really pretty and thoughtful Lorena! Robin will love it.

  2. You create the prettiest things, Lorena. She's going to love it for sure.

  3. That is just the prettiest heart and I so love the rosette! Very special.