Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Inspiration Card Round Continues...

This is the inspiration card I made for Val. Teri (one of my Sketchbook Sisters) took this image and cleaned it up for us to use. I wanted to use her for the prompt "Growing Wings on the Way Down." I started by printing the angel on white cardstock. To give her more depth, I printed another copy of the angel onto vellum. I then cut out just the wing leaving a tab and then tucked the tab into a slit I created along the line of her right arm. I crinkled and folded the vellum wing to make it stand up and out. I embellished her gown and her wings with glitter glue for some sparkle.

Now, I understand that Val is into astrology and that she is an Aquarius. That gave me the idea to put water jugs in her hands because Aquarius is the "Water Bearer." The card still needed a little something more, so I added a star in the heavens above her and then cut out the symbol of Aquarius in the lower left hand side.


  1. What a very nice, very thoughtful card!

  2. Oh I love hybrid work, Lorena. You are so talented -- I never imagined this girl would become 3D but you've brought her to life!