Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Celestial Chunky Pages

I am so enjoying hosting our Sketchbook group's Chunky Page Swap!  This month, our theme was "celestial."  I think a few of the players struggled with this theme, but when the pages started rolling in, they were just beautiful!  I think because we have all known each other (on-line) for 1-2 years, everyone really brings their A-game to the table.  You can see each person's unique personality come through on the pages they create and these 4 x 4" pages are more like a gift to one another than just another swap.  Thank you, my Sketchbook Sisters for allowing me to be your hostess!


  1. We are the lucky ones to have you host it. I really am enjoying it but i am struggling with circus theme.

  2. The stars you made were absolutely incredible. I would never have thought of using brads to do string art. Thanks so much for hosting this and making it possible.