Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pele: Hawaiian Goddess of Fire

For the Dark Side AB Round Robin that I am participating in, I chose to do a spread about Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire.  Chris' book is all about "Spirits" and of all the Hawaiian spirits, Pele is my favorite.  I just love the colors of fire--red, yellow, gold, copper, orange, rust, etc.

To create my fire background, I took a manila folder and crumpled it.  I pulled out all of my "fire-colored" ink pads.  Starting with the lightest color (peach), I stamped all over the crumpled folder.  With the next slightly deeper color (yellow), I stamped only about 3/4 of the way up leaving only the lightest peach color at top 1/4 of the folder.  As I continued stamping with progressive darker colors, I only stamped 1/2 way up and then only the bottom 1/4 of the folder.  The result is a graduated, ombre effect--the darkest colors at the bottom and the colors gradually lightening up as you move to the top of the folder.  When I was happy with the colors of my background, I sprayed a copper shimmer mist on top which added a touch of brimstone to the flames.

I created a pop- up for Pele's face.  Her hair is colored with Inka Gold "Copper" from Artistcellar (Hi Lisa!)  I love the rich color and metallic finish for her fiery red mane.


  1. Lorena, I LOVE your spread, especially Pele's hair! The crumpled fire-y background is pretty bad-ass too. Fantastic job!

  2. What a great idea to make a pop up of her face. Love this.