Thursday, April 26, 2012


I am really enjoying being a part of this "Dark Side" altered book round robin.  Our dark hostess, Amy, ROCKS!  We have two rounds going simultaneously, but the round will end soon as we only have 5 players in each group!

This month, I had Kelly's book.  Her theme was "Dark Art."  I usually prefer to have a more specific theme to work off of, but when I thought about dark art, I started to think about secrets, and the rest of the spread came to me pretty quickly.

I was drawn to this picture of a woman's face.  The pain and sorrow in her eyes are almost palpable.  I wondered, what she was thinking?  What had she been through?  And what was she hiding?  She seemed trapped in her life, wanting but unable to escape.

I created a background using crackle medium to make it look like she was behind a wall.  (It's hard to see the real color of the wall in the top three photos, so I took a fourth picture, which is a close-up using a flash). Some of her face is obscured, but we can see part of her face through an opening in the wall.  This quote from "Clockwork Prince" by Cassandra Clare was fitting:  "Lies and secrets...are like a cancer in the soul.  They eat away what is good and leave only destruction behind."


  1. love that quote Lorena and normally I am not a quote person although I am begging to get into it. perfect face for the concept.

  2. Great crackle Lorena and she does have a lot of pain in her eys. Like the quote also.