Saturday, April 7, 2012

Black & White Chunky Pages

Inspiration came easy for this month's chunky page swap!  I had wanted to try the bargello technique (a quilting technique).  Our "Black & White" theme gave me the perfect opportunity to try it out.

I have the most beautiful collection of black and metallic art papers.  I selected an array of these papers and began cutting them into thin strips.  I then glued the strips (one of each design) onto black cardstock.

After I finished covering the black cardstock with the different patterned strips, I then cut the cardstock crosswise.  This way you get a cross-section of all the pretty papers in each strip!

Next, I glued down the cross-section strips onto 4 x 4" squares of black cardstock (the size of my chunky pages), carefully staggering them to create this stair-like effect.  You can play with the layout to create the effect you want.  I trimmed the edges to fit the 4 x 4" pages and glued two pages together back-to-back so that the bargello design is visible on both sides of the page.  Gives my pages a nice weight too!

My bargello pages turned out beautifully, but there was still something missing...I decided to tie a silver ribbon around each page like you would wrap a gift.  Now they were just perfect!


  1. Thanks so much for explaining how you did these pages - I just loved how it turned out and it looks so beautifully complex and elegant. gorgeous! I will have to try that out one day soon!

  2. Oh Lorena--these are really pretty!!

  3. These are really nice. Thanks for explaining all the details.

  4. that's how you do it with fabric. it is one of the few Quilt strip piecing techniques i ever made and it was for a wearable jacket; I suspect the jacket is lurking in the attic.
    your chunky was gorgeous.