Monday, May 7, 2012

Creating a personal "Bible"

My friend, Pam (from Michigan) showed me how to construct my very own personal "bible."  People wonder why it's called a bible.  My friend, Teri (from New York) found this quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson which describes it quite well: 

Make your own Bible.
Select and collect all the words and sentences
that in all your readings have been to you
like the blast of a trumpet.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

It's basically a handmade book or journal, but instead of using blank pages, you use all your favorite papers.  We all collect and save those pretty papers telling ourselves that we will use this page for that project one day.  Problem is, that day never seems to come!  One day you realize you have a stockpile of papers that you absolutely love, but not sure you'll ever use.  That's why this personal bible is just for you!  It's the perfect way to showcase and enjoy all those papers you've been hoarding.

I made two bibles.  One measures 6" x 9" and the other is 6" x 6".  They are each made up of five signatures with roughly 15 pages per signature.  For the larger bible, two of the signatures measure 6"x 9" (each sheet is 6" x 18" folded).  The three other signatures measure 6" x 6" (6" x 12" folded).  For the smaller bible, two of the signatures measure 6" x 6"  and the other three signatures measure 6" x 3".  In the second photo, you can see how the signatures are  alternated on the accordian spine.  The last photo shows off just a few of the pretty pages in my bibles.

In the top photo you can see how I added beads to decorate the spine of the larger bible.  Now I can begin to fill the pages of my bibles with precious photos, favorite quotes, love notes, a special recipe, collected ephemera--all bits and pieces of me!


  1. Lorena, is there a name for this accordion-style binding? I've never seen it before. It looks great.

  2. Teri, I'm sorry I don't know if this particular binding has a name. It's easy to do. Email me if you want instructions--

  3. What a good idea but not the name!

  4. This looks amazing! I must make one!