Thursday, May 24, 2012

Magic and the Supernatural

My Dark Side AB RR is winding down this month.  To finish the round, I worked in Becky's book.  Her theme was Magic/Supernatural.  I didn't have a specific idea in mind, so I took two figures that are often associated with the occult (the black crow and a spider) and created a spread incorporating these two images.  When I started to research the symbolism behind the spider and the crow, this is what I found:

The Spider is an ancient symbol of mystery, power and growth.
Her energy is feminine, one of the creative forces weaving life’s designs. Spiders maintain balance between physical and spiritual, past and present and feminine and masculine. Her expressions of magic are that of creation, creative power and the spiral energy linking the past and the future.  (I love that!)
Crows are messengers, telling us about the creation and magic all around us.  They live in the void and have no sense of time, therefore they are able to see past, present and future simultaneously. They unite both the light and the dark, both the inner and the outer. The striking black color of the crow represents the color of creation.

The more I learned about the spider and the crow, the more I realized my spread fit right in with Becky's Magic/Supernatural theme.

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  1. Super web and spider, very interesting composition. That is a wonderful explanation and really makes sense why so many ancient people used those symbols. Must say your crow looks like he is contemplating a spider burger!