Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Sunday Spent Boiling Books

Last weekend, I spent the day with art friends making two batches of boiled books. We each gathered and brought plant material to share.  We even had a food section that included carrot, sweet potato, beets, baby bok choy, red onion, yellow onion skins, blueberries and pomegranate!

Opening your books after boiling is a lot like Christmas because with this process, you never quite know what plant material will leave color or texture.  

This is how my four books turned out
(front and back):

I just love how the color and texture came out on some of the pages:

I started making covers for my boiled books.  The two on the left are covered with distressed looking scrapbook paper.  The two on the right are covered with handmade papers that I embossed. 

I used the Artistcellar "Seafoam" stencil to emboss the brown cover on the left.  I used an embossing folder to emboss the green cover on the right. 


  1. These books are each so beautiful and individual. I can just imagine how wonderful it must be to open them and find out how they turned out. And I love the organic look of the covers you made. Do you write in these books, or just display the designs within them?

  2. How interesting this process is and it must be so much fun to see what happens to the books.