Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Moon and the Madonna...

What an intriguing book theme...the Moon and the Madonna.  It conjures up visions of religious icons.  Indeed, the previous work in this book centered around this type of imagery.

Being a Moon Child, I was more drawn to the "moon" part of the theme.  In a previous moon-themed book, I had played with the texture of heated Tyvek to create the lunar surface.  I didn't want to repeat that here.  

I remembered a day back in September when a few art friends and I got together and played with Citrasolv.  We took National Geographic pages and saturated them with the solvent.  In time, our pages morphed into glorious cosmic backgrounds.  I pulled out the pages I had made and found a set that reminded me of Carl Sagan's Cosmos.  It would serve as the perfect "universe" upon which I would place my moon.

But what to do with the moon?  I thought of the Man in the Moon and that led me to picture Madonna in the Moon.   For some reason, I thought of the iconic image of Cher in the Moonstruck movie poster.  Cher in the Moon.

For fun, I created a "flip" moon page so I could feature both Madonna in the Moon as well as Cher in the Moon.  So here it is--a fresh take on the Moon and the Madonna theme.  What do you think?  


  1. Like it Lorena it is a lot more fun than the religious idea.