Sunday, May 9, 2010

Glimpses of My Work From My First AB Round Robin

This is one of my favorite spreads. For Rosemary's theme "As Above, So Below," I researched the topic and was intrigued by the concept of the jeweled net of Indra. Imagine an infinite net suspended above that stretches in every direction. At each junction hangs a jewel, and in each jewel's polished surface all the other jewels in the net are reflected. It is a beautiful metaphor for the interconnectedness and interdependency of everything in our universe.

As I recall, we were challenged to use the red, yellow and blue colored paper in our spreads. I incorporated all three colors on the left side, and then wrote about the jeweled net of Indra in the spaces. On the right side, I strung a net of jewels using copper wire and then affixed the net to the page.

This is the spread I created for Lori's book "Winged Things." Like me, she loves the color purple. I found this image of a fairy on a card and enlarged it to make a pop-up for her book. I scattered dragonflies, butterflies and flowers to surround the fairy. Yet, I felt that the spread was still missing something. I then took a piece of lavender tulle and gathered and tacked it down in places about the page. The result was as if the fairy and the dragonflies had been captured in a butterfly net--very whimsical!

This is the spread I did in Debbie's book on "The Sea." Most of the other artists had taken a very serious approach to this theme. I wanted to lighten it up a bit. How many of you remember "The Love Boat"?


  1. Love the lavendar fairy pages!! and the jewled net of Indra!

  2. Love your lavender fairy. Beautiful!!!