Monday, June 14, 2010

A New AB Round Robin Begins...

Our Honolulu Altered Book Group's 7th round robin is now officially underway! We have a record-breaking 22 participants in this round, including faraway players from Nebraska, Idaho, Ohio, Oregon, Michigan and even Canada! That means it will take about two years to complete this round! At our initial meeting yesterday, the books were revealed and themes were shared. I told our RR hostess that it felt like we were opening presents at Christmas! Each book was lovingly and beautifully prepared. The themes were varied, unique, thought-provoking. I could see everyone's wheels turning as they began to get ideas for each of the books they would eventually get to work in.

For this round, I chose a book entitled "Lost and Found." I thought it was perfect for a "Found Objects" theme. The term "found art" (also called found objects) is used to describe art created from common objects not normally considered artistic. The idea behind found art is that the piece of art derives its significance from the context into which it is put. My book invites the artists to incorporate a "found object" into their work. It could be something they stumbled onto while taking a walk, something long-forgotten that was re-discovered while cleaning out a junk drawer, something saved from a trip or something they "found" at a garage sale or thrift shop. And, if they don't have something like that, they can use a recycled or re-purposed item.

I prepared my book by gathering a bunch of items that I have amassed over the years and collaged them onto the inside cover of my book. I was able to incorporate one of the book's title pages into the middle of my spread by tri-folding it and gluing it down. I even colored a portion of the background on the left side with purple and turquoise oil pastels I found in the street one day while walking the dogs. I've also been fortunate to find money--coins and bills--on those walks. Do you know that you cannot color copy the newer bills (at least the $10 and $50)? I tried. The xerox machine wouldn't allow me to make a color copy of the bills! Interesting things you learn when you are into altered art...

For my sign-in page, I found a National Geographic "Sunken Treasures" map which I used to line the inside of the back cover. I then cut out the illustrations of lost treasures from the map and have asked the artists to sign one of the treasures and place it on the map.

If you want to see pictures of some of the other amazing books in this round robin, please visit our group's blog at


  1. Your theme sounds really interesting Lorena and I love your sign in page idea. Look forward to seeing what you will do in others books!

  2. I love the theme and your explanation of it. Found treasures are my favorite kind. Sounds like you have a real knack!
    I look forward to other pages in your journey.
    Rita A.

  3. Hi's so nice to meet a fellow artist!

    I'm now following your blog...

    and I've added the LINKY LIST to my sidebar!

    come by and see me too sometime!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina