Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sox's "Masked Ball" Marie Antoinette Folder

Today, I finished my two pages in Sox's Marie Antoinette folder entitled "The Masked Ball." To create this spread, I first painted the two pages with antique gold acrylic paint. I had the sheet music for an aria from the Verdi opera "Un Ballo in Maschera" (The Masked Ball) and thought it would make a nice background for the masks I wanted to create.

Next, I used two faces (actually make-up templates). My idea was to have the plain faces covered by masks. I took a duplicate of each face and cut out the eyes to make my masks. I then decorated them with lace, trim and some bling. I secured the finished masks over the plain faces with a brad at the chin (no, it's not a chin piercing). This way you can rotate the mask to reveal the face beneath.

Finally, I took a mask from the goodie bag of materials that arrived with the folder and added beautiful ribbons to create a tag. On the back, I wrote "Behind a mask, I can be whoever I want to be."


  1. What a totally gorgeous spread! I love the idea, and the realization is stunning. YOu sure did a fabulous job. Happy me! I'm completely thrilled.

  2. I tell ya Lorena, you are a HARD act to follow!! The pages are gorgeous, even the chin piercing, lol. Can't wait to see it in person.

  3. Lorena;
    These are seriously gorgeous! I am mesmerized!
    Thanks for adding your link to the list for Artist Blog Hops... now if I can only get the link to link to your blogs like it's supposed to do!!!! maybe try going to this link.

  4. Love these! Very lovely :) I just found your blog on the Art Bloghop