Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pat's Japan Book

When my friend Pat joined us for the following AB RR, the theme of her book was "Japan." At the time I received the book, there was a story about a small fishing town in Japan called Obama City. The little fishing village was closely following our 2008 Presidential Campaign because of the Senator from Illinois who shared their name, Obama.

As I started researching for my spread, I was amazed to find Barack Obama's likeness in many unexpected places. There were banners with his image in stores. There were hamburgers named after him. There were even Japanese rice cakes decorated with a picture of his face on them! I collected all of these images and collaged them onto a two-page spread. I also added pull-out pockets around the pages that hid additional information about Obama--the City and the man.

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  1. How interesting!! I've never heard of this city in Japan!