Friday, April 8, 2011

Flat Stanley's Hawaiian adventure begins!

Last week, I received word that Flat Stanley would soon be coming to Hawaii for a visit from Peoria, Illinois. As soon as he arrived last Saturday--he didn't even have time to get dressed--I whisked him off to my high school classmate's surprise birthday party. Here he is with some of my classmates, the "Sweeties." The party took place at a beautiful home on Waialae Iki Ridge. Look at the view! There is a sweeping view of the Pacific Ocean (south shore of Oahu) and to the east, you can see Koko Head (photo above). Someone noticed a rainbow in the neighboring valley. Here is a picture looking toward Aina Haina valley. Can you spot the rainbow?
There were all kinds of ethnic food served at the party including Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Hawaiian. Here is Flat Stanley with a plate of sushi.

This is a traditional Hawaiian plate. Clockwise from the top right: red anthurium, pineapple, Flat Stanley, cup of poi (behind), lomi lomi salmon, sweet potato, kalbi short ribs, sliced pineapple, kalua pig, chicken long rice and ahi poke (hiding behind the short ribs). So colorful and delicious too!


  1. Wow - Stanley is having quite a tropical vacation! I wish I could fit inside an envelope. I'd come down for a visit, too.

  2. The rainbow's end is on you. That means good fortune or good luck. The view is spectacular. Ever inspiring. The food sounds yummy. Stanley may never leave.

  3. I am very jealous of Flat Stanley! He is having the greatest Hawaiian vacation. Luke and his class are going to love this! Thanks Lorena and Sweeties!