Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Special ATC Swap

One of the visitors to my blog invited me to exchange 5 ATCs with her. Though there was no theme, I decided to do a "black & white" series. I created the first card using the arms and hands off of a Coke Zero can. The hands were reaching for a basketball (probably for Final Four) and I thought I would cut out the hands from the aluminum can and use them in my ATC. I overlayed a transparency so that you won't cut your fingers on the sharp edges.

The second card is a simple iris fold. I was going to use phone book pages, but alas, where have all the phone books gone? I pulled out a book with Japanese text (kanji) and used those pages for my free-form iris fold. I finished it with a simple black frame. What a challenge to do an iris fold in such a small space!

The third card is a fairy I created especially for my ATC swap partner using her name, Gentle Saturntree. Isn't that a wonderful fairy name? Her fairy lives in bold city places and wears colorful stripey clothes like a bee with pale pink wings. It wasn't easy making a fairy small enough to fit onto an ATC card!

The fourth card is a corset. I love using this template and I just happened to have one in black, white and silver in a size that would fit onto an ATC card. Perfect!

The last card is an image of a tree branch in winter. I glittered the branches and added a small pink butterfly--a sign that spring is not too far away.


  1. Lorena - once again I am amazed at your artistry and skill with those ATC's. I love all of them, but my favorite one is the hands - that is just so creative!!! You are an inspiration!

  2. Lorena, these are gorgeous. How can you do such fantastic work on such tiny sizes? Beautiful work. THat iris folding is impressive. I"ve gotta learn how to do that. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I love all of the ATCs and thanks for swapping those with me. Hugs

  4. agree with Arlene - all are unique and beautiful! i too was drawn to the coke can arms and hands - amazingly creative!