Sunday, April 10, 2011

They're Here...Fifteen Fairies!

Tangle Rainbowsprite

Gossamer Silverglow

Field Goblinbranch
Fire Rainbowtwist

Gossamer Moontree

Buttercup Goblinwand

Fruitpip Vineglitter

Bindweed Goblintree

Spider Moonstaff

Hemlock Rainbowglitter

Chestnut Goblinwizard

Ember Goblintree

Hazel Elffrost

Nettle Hailglow

Feather Snowtree

These are the beautiful fairies that I made for a special order. Each was made for a specific individual using their very own fairy name! It was the description of the each fairy that inspired me to create them. You'd think I'd be fairy'd out after making fifteen fairies, but each is so different, so my fairy frenzy continues!

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  1. Ok, I know you must have had fun making these. They are incredible. They are more beautiful one than the other. I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite. Wonderful work.

  2. it is so hard to keep the inspiration alive and snappy when you have to create more than one of anything. you have really done great work here. They will love them.

  3. Oh my gosh, Lorena - your fairies are so beautiful and each one unique! What a great job you did with this one. Just amazing.

  4. Gorgeous Fairies! It amazes me that each one is so unique and beautiful.