Friday, October 4, 2013

Arting with Mom

My Mom and I spent a day last week making art!  Our day together gave me the opportunity to finally tackle one of projects I had been meaning to do for the longest time.  She is an avid water color painter and once upon a time, she had made these cute little purse-shaped covers from a few of her discarded water color paintings.  I thought that they would make a nice housing for a "pocket" book (no pun intended).  Still in my napkin transfer mode, I gathered some beautiful autumn colored napkins to match the purse template you see here.  

I covered 8 business sized envelopes with the napkins to create the 16 pocket book and glued it into the purse.  We made one for her and one for me.

Mom also likes to make tags out of her water color scraps, so we picked out a few tags and slipped them into our little tag books!

Mom had wanted me to teach her how to make boiled books, so that was our next project.  I had gathered some plant material from my neighborhood before heading over to her house.  We spent time sorting through the leaves and flowers trying to decide what to use for our boiled books.  I had pre-cut several "meandering" books from water color paper.  I also made a few more with some of Mom's scraps.  Note: making boiled books is quite a production so when you decide to make them, make several at a time!

Here are some of the books we made that afternoon.

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