Thursday, February 5, 2015

Transport: Travel through Time With Me

Carolyn's theme is "Transport" and I knew immediately that I wanted to use string art to illustrate the concept of time travel.  For my background I selected some Citrasolv pages I had made awhile back.  I was pleasantly surprised when I found the image (on the left side of my spread) which looked like a couple locked in an embrace.  I loved how they look like they are dissolving into the background.  This would be perfect for my spread.  I then chose a complimentary page for the right side of my spread.  I glued both Citrasolv pages to white cardstock which served as my substrate.

Next, I adhered a piece of graph paper to the back of each page.  I then created the pattern for a spiral or vortex.  When I have made string art in the past I would use brads for each point and proceed to wrap the string around each brad to create my design,  Using the brads and wrapping string around each brad gives the page  a heavier, bulkier feel.  This time, instead of using brads, I decided to simply sew my design using a needle and string.  I found this to create a much more delicate look to my page which I really liked. 

I had no idea how much string I would need to complete my design.  Fortunately, that didn't matter.  If I ran out of string, I could tape down the end to the back of the page (graph paper side), cut a new length of string and start up where I left off.  You can see what the back of my page looked like when I finished sewing (last photo).  I knew the back of the page would be glued into the book and would not be seen.

I finished my spread with the words "travel through time with me" which I printed onto deli paper, colored in with gel pen and adhered to the page with matte gel medium.


  1. I love how you have interpreted the theme! The citrasolv background has such vibriantly beautiful colors. The way you used the string to feature the embraced lovers envokes powerful emotions!