Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dark Corners for Dark Deeds

Tamara and Randy have collaborated on a book they call "Dark Corners for Dark Deeds."  The book invites the artists to delve into seldom shared corners of the mind--impulses rejected by mainstream society for one reason or another.

For my spread, I envisioned a woman, about to act on impulses she cannot deny and cannot control.  She knows her actions are wrong.  Society tells her so.  Yet, she takes that next step anyways--seduced by the fantasy, secure in the anonymity of the darkness--knowing that things will never be the same again.

She has now passed the point of no return and along with it comes a flood of sensations and feelings that take her on an emotional rollercoaster.
heartache...fear...loss...pain...sadness...and ultimately, regret.

1 comment:

  1. Wow what a thought provoking theme. Your vision of this theme send chills down my spine - I love how powerfully you conveyed this through you simplicity of design.