Sunday, February 22, 2015

Zentangle Chunkies

I haven't really been a fan of zentangles because I am not a doodler.  I decided to sign up for this month's chunkies to give it a try.  Once I understood that a zentangle is built up in layers of complexity, I appreciated the meditative process.  Unfortunately, I rarely have the luxury of time to just sit and zentangle.

I can't really recall where my idea for my zentangles came from.  I knew I wanted to do a circular zentangle.  To add a fun element to my chunky pages, I decided to suspend a two-sided zentangle from a string allowing my design to spin.

If I had planned my layout better, I think I would have created a smaller circular zentangle.  My zentangles are 3 1/4" in diameter which pushes the edges of my 4 x 4" page.  You can see I had to create a half inch extension on the left side so that holes could be punched without interfering with my cut out.

I considered coloring in my zentangles but in the end, decided that I liked the simplicity of the plain black and white.  


  1. These are lovely, Lorena. They are mandalas as well as zentangles and chunkies. Before there was zentangles, there were doodles, and I'm a doodler from way back, LOL.

  2. Great idea with the zentangles. I like to see them but i don't like making them!

  3. I could not agree with you more on being a non fan of zentangles, but like everything else you do, you have pulled it off beautifully!