Sunday, March 8, 2015

Silly Patron Saints

I am working in Lisa's Silly Patron Saints book this month.  The artwork that preceded me was phenomenal.  It would be impossible to top their humor and their skill level!

Once I got over my initial intimidation, I turned to what I knew best.  Lately, I have been very conscious of just how much physical space my craft and art supplies actually take up in (and out) of the house.  The reason for this is because my husband is in the process of building me my very own craft room.  Finally, a space all to myself where I can store all of my supplies and materials and create art!  Now that I will be soon faced with the task of moving and reorganizing my art supplies, I am starting to realize that there is NO WAY I can possibly fit everything I have into my new space.  At least not if I plan to work in that space too!  As much as I would love to simply relocate all of my things into the new craft room, the reality is that I will have to purge and get very clever with storage solutions to get it all to fit.

This is what led me to choose my Silly Patron Saint for Lisa's book.  My spread features the Patron Saint of Ever-Shrinking Storage Space.  Sound familiar?  I have stacks of drawers and boxes and bins all about the house that are packed so full of stuff, they can't close properly.  I took a picture of a chest of drawers and created drawers--not unlike the ones I have--that pull out (and not too easily) to reveal my stash of embellishments, charms, fasteners.  I didn't even bother to show you my bling, game pieces, stickers, tags, die-cuts, pens, markers, papers, ephemera, books to alter, ribbon/fibers, fabric/lace, tapes, glitters, adhesives, tools, tissue/napkins, stamps, punches, mark-making tools, dies, stencils, paints, ink pads, stains, technique books --I could go on, but you get the idea.


  1. I LOVE the theme of this book!! What fun. i have several books that I have purchased with variations of this theme.

  2. Now this is the patron satint I need. I find the idea of purging art supplies horrifing. Can't we just purge all of the other usless stuff we have? (LOL)