Wednesday, March 4, 2015

How Do I "Chillax"?

Rosemary's book wants to know what you do to "Chillax"?  I have never really been a morning person, but about 6 months ago, I began to change my routine.  I started getting up early to take our dog, Jester, on an extended morning walk.  We live on a hill, so I prefer to start our walks by heading uphill.  When we get close to the top of the hill, there is a turnaround for the bus.  We usually go to the bus turnaround and then head back down the hill.  If I can keep Jester walking (instead of sniffing), we can finish our walk in 40-45 minutes.

At first, I used to walk him in the 7 o'clock hour, but I found that too many other people were out walking their dogs at that time.  The dogs were too distracted (and distracting) for Jester.  I prefer to walk when there are no other dogs to bother us.  So, we started walking earlier and earlier in the morning.  Before long, I had found the hour of the morning where we could walk to the top of the hill and back without running into anyone.  Our walking window is in the pre-dawn hours--between 5:45 and 6:30am.  These early morning hours have long been my favorite time of day.  When I was younger, it was the hour I strolled in after being out all night.  Now, it is a beautiful, peaceful time where Jester and I can walk in quiet solitude.  It is my thinking time, a time when I can preview the day that lay ahead and gather my thoughts (or formulate my ideas for upcoming AB spreads!)  Our early morning walks have become one of the most relaxing things I do for myself each day.

When I started to think about how to illustrate our Chillax moment, I had this vision in my head.  At that time of day, the only source of light is from the street lamp posts.  With every lamp post we pass, Jester and I cast long shadows of ourselves onto the pavement.  The photo you see on the left side of my spread is a picture of our shadows taken early one morning (not terribly flattering).  The photo you see on the right is one view of the spectacular sky we enjoy each morning.  How do I Chillax? dog...walking in the quiet solitude of the pre-dawn hours.


  1. I love this post--it's so well written--I could just imagine myself out walking in the early morning with you--such a lovely quiet time of day--well done!!

  2. Thanks Janet! You can join me for a morning walk in North Carolina!!

  3. Beautifully illistrated,my favorite way too! I love the crispness in the air, and the silence of the pre dawn. I have also seen some spectacular meteor showers in the pre dwn hours.