Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Birth of the "Body Parts" book

Here are some pictures of my current AB. To change things up a bit, our group decided that each artist would begin a spread in their book and the artist that followed would take a prompt from the previous spread to create their own. Unlike some others in my group, I decided not to pick a specific theme for my book.

I chose to begin my book with a 3-D spread of hands. My fascination with hands probably began when I met the owner of the house that my husband and I got married at. She was a big patron of the arts here in Hawaii. Her home was like a museum showcasing many pieces from her private collection. While touring the property, she showed me her "hand" collection. (She had collected so many hands over the years that she needed an entire room to house them all!) So, in memory of Laila, I gathered up my catalogs and began cutting out hands--big hands, graceful hands, beautiful hands. I used about 50 different hands here. I separated them with foam core to create more depth and dimension. As I recall, there are about three different levels on each side. When I placed the book into the rotation, I really had no idea where my book would go. When Debbie got my book, she created a most amazing "hair" spread. (I will have to post a picture of the circle book she made for me to show you) and thus, my "Body Parts" book was born!

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  1. This one is amazing!! I have a friend who has a collection of hands--but she doesn't need a whole room for them!!