Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Legend of the Night Marchers

Lorraine joined our group when she was living in Hawaii with her daughter for part of the year. She returned to her home state of Idaho but wanted to continue with our AB RR group. Her book's theme is "Hawaii" because she loved living here. She asked the artists to share something special or unique about the islands with her through this book.

Hawaii is steeped in folklore and legends. There is a famous legend about the ancient Hawaiian warriors of King Kamehameha's time. They say the spirits of these ancient warriors appear on certain nights of the month and march through their old battlegrounds. The ghostly warriors are known as the "Night Marchers." I have never seen the Night Marchers myself, but I don't doubt that they exist.

The green ridges on the right side of this spread are meant to represent the Koolau mountains (one of the areas frequented by the Night Marchers). I created each ridge by ripping about 5 pages at a time. I defined the ridge line using a green inkpad, but still allowed the text on the page to show through.

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