Sunday, June 16, 2013

Chunkies Continue With A Twist


Some of us are die-hard chunky page fans.  So, while the Sketchbook chunkies take a break, a few of us decided to continue a modified chunky swap.  The format remains a 4" x 4" page, but the rotation is like an altered book round robin.  Each player selects a theme for their own chunky book and each month a different player is assigned to create a 4" x 4" page for that book.  In the end, everyone will have a page from every other player.  

Bea's theme is "Fear" and she invited each of us to explore one of our own fears.  I have done a few fear-themed spreads in the past (fear of temptation, fear of heights, etc).  What would I do this time?  Well, believe it or not, the idea I got for Bea's page came to me in a dream.  I had recently purchased these animal print rolls of duct tape.  I got one orange giraffe print and one snake print.  Of course!  I could use the snake print duct tape and make a page on my fear of snakes!  Brilliant!

Fresh off my pop-up spiral tornado (for the Wicked book), I again created a spiral using the snake print duct tape to resemble a coiled snake.  I added the forked tongue and two beady little eyes and voila!  There was my snake.  Until I started to make this page, I did not know what the technical name of this phobia was.  The fear of snakes is called ophidiophobia.

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  1. Love this! My idea of fear is when my phone rings in the middle of the night.