Monday, June 17, 2013

Murder Most Foul

I am working in Mari's "Murder Most Foul" book for Lori this month.  Again, I went with the Victorian angle  and decided to do a spread on Lizzie Borden.  This was the crime of the century.  Even by today's standards, this double murder was quite sensational for its day.

I took various images of the Borden home, her father, Andrew Jackson Borden and stepmother, Sarah Anthony Borden, crime scene photos, headlines from the trial and the courtroom, Lizzie and the infamous axe and printed these onto transparencies.  They are secured with eyelets.  I added the haunting words of the children's nursery rhyme under Lizzie's portrait.  I used handmade washi tape to frame her portrait.  Another strip of handmade washi tape completes the border on the left side of the spread.

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