Sunday, April 12, 2015

Artists' Quotes on Art

Colleen's book is all about artists' quotes about art.  Much of the artwork that preceded me were spreads done in the style of the artist whose quote was featured.  Although not a requirement, I found myself gravitating toward doing the same type of layout.  

Perhaps I was influenced by the Ai Weiwei spread that Colleen had done in her own book.  I was drawn to the urban, industrial vibe.  It immediately brought to mind the graffitt art of the elusive Banksy.  I searched his many quotes and found one that resonated with me:

"Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable."

I chose this silhouette of a boy (holding a bouquet of flowers) and girl (holding a baseball bat) and showcased them against an urban wall--much like Banksy's canvas.  (I even included a drain pipe as he sometimes does). I created this background using a pulled paper technique.   This techniques reminds me of brick or concrete walls where bills and posters are repeatedly posted and removed leaving paper remnants.  I then printed the quote onto acetate and cut out a window to display the words.

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  1. The torn paper technique and the drain pipe really make these pages. Fabulous art for this quote!