Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What's My Line?

For Amy's "What's My Line?" book this month, I thought I would give you a peek into the the dialogue that my husband and I often engage in.  I think this started shortly after we were married when he asked an uncle of mine what his secret to a successful marriage was.  My wise uncle told my husband, "Two words:  Yes, dear."

Over the years, my husband has developed his own responses to maintain harmony in our marriage.  The snippets I feature in this spread also include:

She:  "Do you want "A" or "B"?
He:  "Okay."

She:  "No. Not okay,"
He:  "Yes, dear."

She:  "You're crazy!"
He:  "Married you, didn't I?"

She: "Hurry up!  We're late!"
He:  "Just waiting on you!"

And finally (which I used for my sign-in),

She:  "I love you."
He:  "You better."

My original idea was to have a spinning wheel of quotes for each figure, but that proved to be too technically challenging.  I then decided to utilize magnets so the dialogue could be interchangeable.  I went with this comic book look when I found these two faces.  The look on her face is much like the frustration I feel when I am having these conversations with my husband, but the expression on the man's face is priceless!  It thoroughly captures the same feeling of delight my husband has when he delivers these lines!  Makes it really hard to get upset with him!

For the past 18 years, he has kept me laughing and that is (one of) the secrets of a successful marriage!  I think my uncle would approve!

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  1. So adorably true to life. Your choice of comic book people is priceless! I think you probably keep him laughing too, with your wickedly clever sense of humor.